The Sabanci University Oral History Website aims at showcasing graduate and undergraduate student research in CULT 361/561: Oral History and related courses offered by Leyla Neyzi from 1999 until the present. In the course on Oral History, regularly offered every fall semester, students conduct oral history research on a selected class theme. In this way, students learn about oral history in a hands-on-manner, getting out of the classroom and becoming oral historians in their own right. Before conducting the interview, each student gets consent or permission from the interviewee to record the interview and write a paper based on it. Each student interviews a chosen individual on the class theme, recording the interview using a digital voice recorder and/or video. Each student then writes a paper evaluating their methodology and analyzing the form and content of the interview. Each student also turns in the following materials, which are archived in the Sabanci University Oral History Archive: Interviewee Information Form, Interview Notes, Digital audio/video files of the interview, Transcript, Research Paper and student reflections on the interview and chosen selections from the interview for posting on the Oral History website. The Sabanci University Oral History website is created and maintained by Leyla Neyzi with support from IT and graduate student assistants in the Cultural Studies M.A. Program, including Servet Büyükkuşoğlu and Cemre Zekiroğlu.